About Cruise Atlantic Europe

The Atlantic Area comprises the most important maritime coastline in Europe, approximately 2500 km in length and home to close to 70 million inhabitants. The Cruise Atlantic Europe partnership is the initiative of a group of ports on the Atlantic front – Lisbon, Porto (Leixões), A Coruña, Bilbao, Brittany (Brest/St Malo), Dover and Cork – that has as purpose to reinforce the position of the Atlantic Area in the European cruise tourism market. through the creation and promotion of new tourism products that will emphasise the value of regional culture and Atlantic identity.

Our region is rich in both cultural diversity and history. It is also home to some of Europe’s most forward looking cities. Our eight ports can offer passengers a wide choice of of excursions and activities, but you’d expect that when three of our members can boast having been a European Capital of Culture!

Add to that the fact that the region is home to fourteen UNESCO world heritage sites and one can start to appreciate the breadth and depth of the attraction the region has to offer tourists the world over. And non more so than those visiting us from the increasing number of cruise ships that chose to feature our ports on their itineraries.